The Centre for mobility and spatial planning (AMRP) is a multidisciplinary and international oriented research-teaching group of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the Ghent University. AMRP is focused on the elaboration of co-evolutionary planning in reference to new spatial challenges, such as cohousing, sustainable mobility, evolutionary (mainport) economy, resilient water management, energy transition, urban health and climate change, according to the principles of actor-relational governance.  Object of attention are the unique features of the Flemish urban landscape as part of the ‘horizontal metropolitan conditions’ of the Eurodelta of the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt. 

AMRP is involved in the Institute for Sustainable Mobility (IDM) of the Ghent University, facilitator of the platform 'denktank klimaatadaptatie Vlaanderen (DKA) and coordinator of the present ‘Policy Research Center on Spatial Development Flanders’ (Steunpunt Ruimte). The center organizes prestigious international congresses on a regular basis and awards an annual prize for the best paper and PhD in the field of Spatial Development and Mobility.

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Book: Light Rail Transit Systems

Light Rail Transit Systems: 61 Lessons in Sustainable Urban Development shows how to design and operate light rail to maximize its social benefits. Readers will learn how to understand the value of light rail and tactics on its effective…

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The Art of Governing in the Complex Mobility Transition

Congratulation to Suzanne Van Brussel for her successful public phd defence in the Aula on june 27th. She is now Doctor in Urbanism and Spatial Planning and her research has the title: "The Art of Governing in the Complex Mobility Transition:…

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No priority for pedestrians and cyclist

Minister Ben Weyyts does't want that pedestrians and cyclist have priority in the new mobility policy. It depend of the local situation.  CD&V and the opposition are not happy but Dirk Lauwers find it a good idea (pdf).

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