The Centre for mobility and spatial planning (AMRP) is a multidisciplinary and international oriented research-teaching group of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the Ghent University. AMRP is focused on the elaboration of co-evolutionary planning in reference to new spatial challenges, such as cohousing, sustainable mobility, evolutionary (mainport) economy, resilient water management, energy transition, urban health and climate change, according to the principles of actor-relational governance.  Object of attention are the unique features of the Flemish urban landscape as part of the ‘horizontal metropolitan conditions’ of the Eurodelta of the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt. 

AMRP is involved in the Institute for Sustainable Mobility (IDM) of the Ghent University, facilitator of the platform 'denktank klimaatadaptatie Vlaanderen (DKA) and coordinator of the present ‘Policy Research Center on Spatial Development Flanders’ (Steunpunt Ruimte). The center organizes prestigious international congresses on a regular basis and awards an annual prize for the best paper and PhD in the field of Spatial Development and Mobility.



Association Internationales des Villes Portes (AIVP) congress 2016

This congress find place in Rotterdam and Karel Van den Berghe contribute with the paper “The Actor-Relational Port City Interfaces, Case study…


The Mr. Frederik Hendrik Piket foundation organize for the first time a reading on October the 6th at 16:15 in the Focker Terminal (Den Haag). Luuk…

ERF 2016: 1st edition of the European Road Infrastructure Congress

Dirk Lauwers is member of the scientific committee of this congress that happens in Leeds.  More info: ERF 2016

56th ACSP Annual Conference 2016

This conference organised by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning happens this year in Portland. Thomas Verbeek join it. More info.

UGent reach out for the 3th time the Georges Allaert awards

The MoRo foundation of the UGent reach out for the 3th time the Georges Allaert awards.  The distribution of the award is in the Kunstencentrum Vooruit,…

Seminar Institutions in Action

Luuk Boelens gives a lecturer on this seminar: "Institutional innovation in an actor-relational perspective" (program).  Place: Library…

International Seminar on Global Metropolitan Delta’s

Following the first Asia-Europe (academic exchange) seminar on urban development and watermanagement at the South East University of Nanjing 28-29 November…

The AESOP Planning & Complexity Workgroup meets in Ghent, 12-14th April 2017

Ghent University, Department of Mobility and Spatial Planning will host the 15th meeting of the AESOP Planning & Complexity Workgroup in Ghent, 12-14th…


It doesn't matter who, but the casino has to be build

Georges Allaert says that it is imperative to build the new casino  in Middelkerke. The added value can rise from 7 to 21 million Euro/year. the number of jobs can rise till 250. So, stop the political games and create this project.

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Flood barrier has no sense in Port of Nieuwpoort

The preparation for the flood barrier in the port of Nieuwpoort will start soon but different researches gives contradicting results. Georges Allaert find it a waste of money. Het Nieuwsblad: Stormvloedkering in Nieuwpoortse…

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Safe to school? Still a lot of obstacles

Their is still a lot of work to reduce the number of accidents on their way to/from school. But What? Dirk Lauwers and Johan De Mol give their opinion in "De Morgen". 

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