Academic Research staff

Alda Alagic 09/331.32.60

Master in Urban planning (2008, Eindhoven Technical University).

PhD Assemblage Performance of Regions since 2010 in association with Fontys Highschool Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Promotor Luuk Boelens, co-promotor Marc Glaudemans.

Muhammad Aamir Basheer 09/331.32.60

B.Sc. in City and Regional Planning from Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan 2014. Master in Transportation Sciences (Mobility Management) from Hasselt University, Belgium 2017.
In master thesis his research topic was “Multi-Stage Trips: Factor Influencing Mode Combination Choice of Travelers”. He also as Research Assistant at School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University, Wales.
PhD : Urban Transition as result of Transport Investment

Promotor: Luuk Boelens
Co-promotor: Rob Van Der Bijl

Peter Davids 09/331.32.60

He graduated as Master of Science in Spatial Planning at Wageningen UR. He explained his master thesis on the yearly conference of the “Council of Educators in Landscape
Architecture”, Baltimore, USA. Between 2011-2015 he gave lectures about urban food production and geopolitical- strategic communication. He contributed on the Honigcomplex Nijmegen. Thereafter he follewed a supplementary Erasmusmundus master Marine Spatial planning in Sevilla. 

With this knowledge he started in 2017 with his phd "Floodlabel" (how to mange flooding and the development of a floodlabel to reduce the risk of flooding.

Promotor: Prof. Luuk Boelens & Barbara Tempels.

Jiajia Gong 09/331.32.60

She is an exchange student in Ghent University since 2016 with a focus on the evolutionary strategies for policy making and planning of featured towns in Zhejiang province. She reached her bachelor of Engineering in Urban Planning in Zhejiang University, 2008-2013 and is a PhD. Candidate of Rural and Urban Planning in Zhejiang University since 2013.

Promotors: Luuk Boelens (UGent) and Chen Hua (ZjU)

Isabelle Loris 09/331.32.60

Geographer (VUBrussel) and additional course in Spatial planning (UGent) and urban development (KULeuven).

Phd on spatial aspects of housing: the demographic challenge in its spatial context. This research happens in colloboration with KULeuven.

Promotor: Luuk Boelens (UGent), Pascal De Decker(KULeuven).
Co-promotor: Ann Pisman (UGent)

Karim van Knippenberg 09/331.32.60

Karim van Knippenberg holds a BSc in Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (Wageningen University, 2015). During this study he developed a particular interest in issues on heritage and local developments. Therefore, Karim decided to undertake a MSc in Spatial Planning (Wageningen University, 2018) as well as a MA Heritage Studies (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).
This multidisciplinary background offered him the ability to provide an integrated approach towards heritage, hereby linking re-use of heritage assets to socioeconomic aspects of heritage, such as its potential role in creating community cohesion. This closely relates to the topic of his PhD-project, which he started in June 2018. This project, called Open Heritage, focusses on abandoned or underused cultural heritage, and on the potential redevelopment of this heritage for creating community cohesion, social integration, innovative bottom-up economic activities, and employment.

Anneloes Van Noordt 09/331.32.60

Anneloes gets her master of Science Landscape Architecture and Planning specialization Socio-Spatial Analysis, Wageningen University in 2007.

She started in 2008 at the Spatial Development Department Flanders, Brussels as researcher. Tasks include coordinating the research track of ‘Resilience’. Since 2016, she started with her phd with the topic: Local energy initiatives and the role of spatial policy

Hwa-Chyi Wang 09/331.32.60

Hwachyi Wang received a Master’s degree in Architecture Design and Urban Planning at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. She was a lecturer at the Engineering Department (TCMT College), and research assistant at the Architecture Department (NCKU 2007, NTU 2008-2012), supervising six projects for the Taiwanese government. 

Since 2013, she conducts an international project as a PhD researcher at the Transportation & Civil Engineering Department of Ghent University, National Taiwan University and at the Centre of Mobility and Spatial Planning (AMRP) in Belgium. Hwachyi Wang’s research activities are focused on traffic engineering, traffic safety, urban transportation and urban planning. Her current research is about bicycle safety, cycling networks and mobility, and infrastructure design. She is the first author of 6 publications in international journals or conference papers. 

Promoter: Dirk Lauwers and Hans De Backer.

Bachelor of Engineering in Urban planning(HUST,2010), Master of Engineering in Urban planning and Design(SEU,2013).

Ph.D research concentrates on the Water and Cities with Interaction and Morphological Transition in the Grand Canal and Yangtze River Delta(SEU). Joint Ph.D research focuses on Urban development and water management in the Euro Delta in reference to the Grand Canal and Yangtze River Delta (UGent).

Promotor: Prof. Luuk Boelens and Prof. Dong Wei
co-promotor: Prof. Renaat de Sutter.