Assistant (Academic) staff

Beitske Boonstra 09/331.32.57

Dr. ir. Beitske Boonstra is Doctoral-Assistant at AMRP. Her research focuses on city-making, civic-led and cooperative forms of urban development, and the implications of these emergent new actors for governance and spatial planning capacities throughout Europe. She holds a Master degree in Urbanism from Delft University of Technology (2005) and a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from Utrecht University (2015). Her PhD-thesis, titled "Planning Strategies in an Age of Active Citizenship: A Post-structuralist Agenda for Self-organization in Spatial Planning" addressed the emerging practice of civic initiatives in urban development, and explores the consequences for the role of spatial planners. Before she worked at TNO Strategy&Policy (2006-2016). Currently she also works as independent researcher in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and is Board Member of the Dutch-Belgium foundation Plandag.

Hanne Glas

Hanne graduated in 2013 as a Master of Science in geomatics and surveying at HoGent-Ugent. She is currently working as an assistant in the Ghent University education program Industrial Engineering – Surveying since May 1st 2014. She is also researching Flood Risk Assessment in the SIDS (small island developing states) for her PhD.

Annelies Staessen 09/331.32.57

Civil engineer-architect, city-development (UGent, 2003) and Master of Architecture in Human Settlements (KULeuven, 2004). She worked a few years as architect and as lector at the Artesis Highschool Antwerp, applied architecture Howest. She started as assistent at AMRP in december 2017. Her phd focus on the relationship between urban planning and the imagination of the Flemish landscape in film productions.

Promotors: prof. Luuk Boelens (UGent), prof. Steven Jacobs (UGent) and Beitske Boonstra (UGent).