Professorial staff

Filip Boelaert 09/331.32.59

Guestprofessor for the course "Verkeerskundige aspecten van mobiliteit en infrastructuurontwerp" and "Mobiliteitsinfrastructuur en ruimte".

Luuk Boelens 09/331.32.54

Full professor UGent since 1 October 2012 and specialized in spatial planning, urban design and mobility planning.

From 2004 until 2014 extraordinary professor Spatial Planning at the University of Utrecht, Chair of the Local Organising Committee AESOP 2014, Chair of several Accreditation Committees, editor of various peer reviewed and professional journals.

Pascal De Decker

Assistant professor (20%) and specialized in the domain of housing, urban and spatial policy.

He Studied Sociology (UGent, 1981), urban planning and spatial planning (UGent, 1985). He elaborated his PhD at the University of Antwerp, political and social sciences (2005). At the moment also assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Design KULeuven. Editor of various journals.

Renaat de Sutter 09/331.32.59

Visiting professor (10%), specialization environmental planning and water management.

Civil engineer architecture (1995), doctor in hydraulics (2000). Manager of the environmental planning and watermanagement group of ANTEA.

Greet Deruyter 09/331.32.61

MSc in Civil Engineering Technology (1984), MSC in Land Survey Engineering Technology (1995), Doctor of Science: Geography (2005).

From 1984 until 1992 she was employed at Volo Cars Europe, consecutively as production planner, applications analyst and system manager. From 1993 until 2013 she was part of the academic staff of University College Ghent. Since 2007, she is affiliated to UGent as visiting professor, later as assistant professor (2013) and associate professor (2015).

Her research is situated in the broad domain of geomatics and land surveying.

Ann Pisman 09/331.32.59

Visiting professor (20%), specialization spatial policy and planning instruments.

Engineer-architect and spatial planner. Doctor in urban planning and spatial planning (2012). Director of the research department of the Department of Spatial Policy of the Flemish Government.

Rob Van der Bijl 09/331.32.59

Visiting professor (20%), specialization mobility and space planning

Van der Bijl is an urban planner, independent researcher/consultant and ‘mobility expert’ (e.g. ‘light rail) with an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based practice known for its innovative approach to research and design. His international projects are characterized by a multidisciplinary approach at the intersections of urban planning, transport, culture and technology. Van der Bijl received his engineering degree and Ph.D. from the University of Technology in Delft (Netherlands). Recent projects include, application of ‘transit oriented development’ (TOD), and elaborations of the relation between mobility and space. Van der Bijl applies internationally his in-depth knowledge of Dutch cycling.