The Policy Research Center for Housing

  • By order of: Ministry of the Flemish government, department of planning, housing policy and heritage
  • Period: 2007-2011
  • The policy research center for spatial planning and housing (SRW) was one of the 13 policy research centres organised by the Flemish government. SRW main objective was to give a better view on the spatial transformations of housing in Flanders. It was organised by a research team Housing and a research team Space, who developed insights from these perspectives in interaction with each other.
  • AMRP was in the team ‘Space’ responsible for workpackage 3, transformations in the open space as a result of urbanization.
  • This is the final report and the attachment
  • AMRP assistants: Barbara Tempels, Thomas Verbeek, Ann Pisman, prof. dr. Georges Allaert.