The social value of Flanders: part 7, traffic livability

  • The target of this research is to give an overview of the current scientific views about personal living conditions in Flanders. This publication get build of 7 different fields. Mobility is one of these. For the edition of 2013 there is a focus on one specific problem in each field. For the field mobility has been chosen for traffic liveability, specific noise pollution and air pollution.
  • the specific task for AMRP is writing a chapter about the description of traffic liveability and how it is for the moment in Flanders. Comparison Flanders with other regions and what can Flanders do?
  • By order of: Flemish government
  • Period:2013
  • Through IDM, AMRP is coordinator
  • This is the final report
  • AMRP assistants: ir. Dominique Gillis, Thomas Verbeek