WaterCAP: climate change and the effects on the hydrological cycle

  • WaterCAP builds on the outcomes of six InterReg projects: Aquarius, CLIWAT, CPA, C2C islands, DiPol, SAWA and BaltCICA.  The WaterCAP cluster has taken up the central issues of the projects by focusing on climate change and its effects on the hydrological cycle in the North Sea Region and how we can deal with the challenges to society and natural habitat. WaterCAP provides recommendations for future implementation of directives affected by changed climate. The cluster will focus on recommendations relevant to policymakers on:
    • Water quantity/quality issues
    • Impact analysis to predict climate change impacts on different types of water bodies
    • Adaptation strategy incl. cross sector involvement and the participatory approach.
  • By order of: the European commission
  • Researchprogram: INTERREG IV B North Sea Region Programme clusterproject
  • Period: 2011-2013
  • AMRP is a partner of knowledge
  • AMRP assistants: Prof. dr. ir. Renaat De Sutter, Björn Verhofstede