Seminar Vervoerregio


It is a big challenge for Flanders to adapt the region for the future transportation. The foundation for mobility and spatial planning organize this seminar in collaboration with the Ghent University.
The initiative of the transportation region is one of the examples where the interaction between spatial development and mobility is clear. We will give an overview of the current situation and the proposed future. 

Location: Herman Teirlinckgebouw, Havenlaan 88, 1000 Brussel


  • 13:00 start time
  • 13:15 welcome talk through Filip Boelaert
  • 13:30 transportation regions and the Flemish transportation policy through Isabel Jacobs
  • 13:50 the do's and dont's of transportation regions through willem Benschop
  • 14:20 make space for the junction in the transportation region through Hans Tindemans
  • 14:50 break
  • 15:15 Interaction between mobility and space through Sofie Troch and Julie Mabilde
  • 15:45 debate managed by Luuk Boelens with  Georges Allaert, Leo Van Broeck and Rob van der Bijl 
  • 16:15  presentation MoRo-award through Axel Buyse, laudatio through Pascal Smet. Speech of thanks through the laureate
  • 16:45 reception
  • 17:30 End

You can sign up till november 5th on this link.